Scatter Tube Cat Design

Petributes created the Scatter Tube in 2007 as an easy to use, eco-friendly urn suitable for ashes scattering, burial or as keepsakes.

This attractive design is perfect to hold, scatter or bury cats’ ashes.

  • Perfect for Ashes Scattering
  • Ideal for temporary ashes storage or transportation
  • Can be used for ashes burial
  • Not suitable for “water burial” of ashes

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More about this product

Scatter Tubes were invented in 2007 by Richard Bush of our parent company, Tributes Ltd, and were designed to provide an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to plastic ashes scattering urns or containers.
In a range of attractive and appropriate designs, Scatter Tubes are an easy to use, eco-friendly urn. Made from over 90% recycled materials, Scatter Tubes are a very environmentally friendly ashes urn, suitable for scattering ashes, burial or as keepsakes.

This attractive design is perfect for cats ashes.

Our Scatter Tubes come in a range of sizes*. As a guide:

  • 4in³ (keepsake) - this is a tiny tube suitable as a keepsake, temporary storage whilst deciding on a permanent keepsake, or to share ashes between family members
  • 23in³ (small) - this is a small size suitable for any small pet including cats and small dogs. It would also be suited to sharing ashes between family members or as a keepsake for horse or pony ashes
  • 42in³ (medium) - this size is suitable for medium sized pets
  • 92in³ (large) - this size is suitable for larger dogs and other pets
  • 113in³ (large) - this size is suitable for larger dogs and other pets
  • 240in³ (x-large) - this size is suitable for very large dogs and other pets or to share horse or pony ashes between family members or co-owners

If you are unsure of the ashes capacity you need, we recommend you speak to your pet crematory for advice.

*choice of sizes is dependent on model.

Dimensions and Capacity

Scatter Tube Cat Design – 23in³ (small)

External Dimensions (length x width x height)
5 ½ x 3 x cm

Capacity: 23 in³

More Information

This product is not suitable for outside use

Care of this product
Keep out of direct sunlight

Product Specification
Sealing Method: Glued seal

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