Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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Scatter Tubes™


Tributes are the creators of the original Scatter Tubes™ which are available in a beautiful range of designs and suitable for interment, ashes scattering or as keepsakes. The range of designs offers something to suit every taste and the range of sizes make them suitable for shared or keepsake ashes, as well as full ashes.

Originally conceived as an alternative to unappealing cremains scattering containers, our Scatter Tubes™ were designed with simplicity in mind, both for the undertaker and the family, to allow an easy-to-use and attractive scattering solution.

Scatter Tubes™ are created from over 90% recycled materials, making them a very environmentally friendly choice.

Scatter Tubes are available in 5 sizes*:

  • Size 00: height 3½in. capacity 4in³
  • Size 1: height 5¼in. capacity 23in³
  • Size 2: height 8¾in. capacity 42in³
  • Size 3: height 10in. capacity 97in³
  • Size 5: height 14½in. capacity 240in³

*Sizes available according to style, please contact us for details.

More Pictures:

Your Funeral Home can obtain this item for you by contacting us at:
Global Tributes

8228 Cypress Lake Drive

Tel: 941 404-4761
Fax: 727 214-0800

Global Tributes
8228 Cypress Lake Drive

Tel: (941) 404-4761
Fax: (941) 359-1071

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