Monday, December 11, 2017

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Featured Products

Tribute FramePod™

TRIBUTES Tribute FramePod - Champagne Frame Choice

Introducting the Tribute FramePod™ This stylish and discreet new Ashes Container & Memorial is an innovative and exclusive new design from Global Tributes.

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Tribute Heart Keepsake

Tribute Heart Keepsake - with personalised engraving

Beautifully carved from natural oak, our delightful Tribute Heart™ keepsakes are the perfect size to hold in the palm of your hand designed to discreetly hold a tiny quantity of ashes, along with photos and other small mementos.

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Scatter Tubes™


the original Scatter Tubes™ in a beautiful range of designs – suitable for interment, scattering or as keepsakes

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Keepsake Scatter Tubes™


Tributes beautiful Scatter Tubes™ are now available in a tiny keepsake size which is perfect for sharing ashes or as a keepsake

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